Tours in Trindade

Tours in Trindade
This is also a “mandatory” tour in Paraty. The charming ex-fishermen´s village has a rich history to tell, besides fantastic beaches. These are:

“Praia Brava” (“Angry Beach”): A wild beach accessed by a trail from the road to Trindade.

“Praia do Cepilho” (“Cepilho´s Beach”): A surfers´ beach accessed by car, with a bar and parking.

“Praia de Fora ou dos Ranchos” (“Outside or Rachos´ Beach”): Extensive beach that accompanies the entire village. It has bars with snacks and drinks.

“Praia do Meio” (“Middle Beach”): One of Paraty´s postcards. A small beach, usually with calm waters and with some bars.

“Praia do Cachadaço” (“Cachadaço´s Beach”): It is accessed by a trail. It´s a long beach with some campings that have no electric power. Beware of the holes and whitewater. There are life-guards.

Cachadaço:  A wonderful place! Large rock formations form a natural sea water pool. A true natural aquarium where you can swim with little fish. It is accessed by a trail.
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